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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Sir Cuthbert de Hoghton

Sir Cuthbert de Hoghton on Coronation Day 2nd June 1953. He was accompanied by his second wife Lady Philomena,(née Simmons) but unfortunately I do not have a copy of that photo. I believe her ermin robe was  on show at Hoghton Tower -  I did see it many years ago.

Sir Cuthbert de Hoghton, 12th Baronet (b 1880– d 1958).   He was succeeded by his son (from his first marriage) Sir (Henry Philip) Anthony Mary de Hoghton, 13th Baronet (b 1919– d 1978). 

Sir Cuthbert de Hoghton died on 5th December 1958

Lady Philomena was very popular and well respected in the village. A very smart, elegant lady, always kind and with a smile.  These newspaper clippings come from a family scrapbook collection. I may as well share them with you before they disintegrate completely - they've only been in an envelope for 60 years!

Sir Anthony 13th Baronet died on 20th February 1978.  The present and 14th baronet, of course, is  Sir (Richard) Bernard Cuthbert (b born on 26 January 1945) - Sir Cuthbert's and Lady Philomena's only son.  Sir Bernard succeeded Anthony, his half brother in 1978.

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