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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Mill Workers - Amateur Dramatics 1912

Mill Workers - Amateur Dramatics 1912

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Some of the mill workers must have been appearing in a play.  Unfortunately I cannot identify them all, only my grandmother Mabel Miller-Crook (née Windle) middle right wearing white, and her sister Marion Windle, front row extreme right. Please let me know if you can put a name to any other faces.

Grandma Windle lived at the Barracks, Chapel Lane, Hoghton, and married Thomas Miller-Crook on Christmas Eve 1924 at Holy Trinity Church, Hoghton.  Until that date she had been a cotton weaver at Hoghton Bottoms Top Mill and at Mill Hill, Blackburn.

Mabel was born at Vale House Farm Cottage in Hoghton Bottoms, 23rd October 1894.  She was the daughter of William James Windle of Bolton Hall Farm, Hoghton and Margaret Ellen Harrison of Weasel Farm, Hoghton.

After their marriage, they lived at N°5 Bell Villas, Gib Lane, Hoghton.

See also Wheelwrights Shop post for more information on Thomas Miller-Crook.

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