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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Class of 1965

Class of 1965

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Back row left to right

David Redman? Jim Cook, John Slater, Linda Fitton, Colin Bamber, Carol Redman, Lisette Crossley, Linda Bretherton

Middle row, left to right

Brian Harrison, Kathleen Dixon, Neil Hughes, John Hodgson, Timothy Grimshaw, Paul Crook, Joyce Marshall, Steven Pye.

Front row, left to right

Stephen Bretherton, Susan Brown, Shirley Richmond, Alan Gough, Rowena Hulme, Andrew Watson, Susan Worrell, Martin Bolton (Nitram Notlob!) or Neil Entwistle,  Alison Crook, Barbara Garth, Stephen Coar, Stephen Smith.

Other pupils who should be on the photo include  Carolyn Pye, Grahame and David Miller-Crook (my brothers).

Photo supplied by Susan Pye, in New Zealand, names courtesy of Alison Crook, in Germany, and Tim Grimshaw, (photo restoration, Herbert Miller-Crook)


  1. Think it might be John Ormerod between Neil Hughes and Tim Grimshaw - he should be on the photo somewhere. Jim Cook

    1. John Slater, back row, John Hodgson next to me (middle row), Andrew Watson, front row.