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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Class of 1946

Thanks to Ben Smalley, Harold Eastham and Jennifer Marginson for supplying all the names. 

Front row, left to right: Valerie Henry, Maureen Veevers, Brenda Jones, Eunice Birchall, Brenda Johnson, Gordon Paterson, Grace Cunliffe, John Birchall, Ben Smalley.

Second row, left to right: Barbara Woods, Dorothy Cunliffe, John Cross, 
my Auntie - Maj Smalley, Jennifer Marginson, Sheila Smalley, Stanley Farnworth, Albert Brennand, Billy Smith, David Threlkeld. 

Back row, left to right: Jennifer Threlkeld, Frances Wadsworth, Harold Eastham, Keith Moore, Billy Clamp, Carl Jones, Michael Malley, Harold Rushton, Harry "Bam" Seed, Kathleen Wadsworth.

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