If you find the photos too small...

If you find the photos too small...click on them to see an enlarged version

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Hoghton School Football Team 1932-33

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Photo courtesy of Gareth Maddock.
Gareth's maternal grandfather was Stanley Hitchen, (who lived at Stanley Coppice Farm, Roach Road as a child). Stanley is on the back row third from the right. He had a brother called Alfred.
Not many of theses faces are known, but the back of the photo mentions F Clayton, Holden and R Clayton on the back row. Perhaps someone could name a few more?

2nd photo from the same year

Notice all the steel capped clogs!
I hope this wasn't their football kit?


  1. Front row third from left looks like my dad Arnold Bateson. He lived at Hoghton Bottoms about this time and attended Sunday School there.

  2. The boy 3rd left looks like my father Arnold Bateson.

  3. 3rd from the left looks like my father Arnold Bateson. He lived at Houghton Bottoms for a while . His father was John Joseph Bateson who came from Houghton, all his family came from there. His fathers mother was Ann Crook. Pauline Little.