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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Class of 1928

Back row left to right, Cathy Adams; lived at Riley Green,  Ivy Johnson; lived at The Barracks, married Jack Entwistle from Brindle, he was lifelong bell ringer at St James, Brindle, Peggy Rawlinson from Riley Green, unknown, unknown, Ethel Moulding; lived on Chapel Lane, had four sisters.

Third row left to right, Dicky Kerr, not known, David Holroyd; lived at Riley Green, (mother was  Cissy née King -see Higher Mill Workers 1912 photo), Stafford Scott*; lived in a cottage behind The Barracks Row, died from appendicitis whilst a schoolboy, unknown, unknown, unknown, *correction; this boy is now identified as Stanley Hitchen of Stanley Coppice Farm, Roach Road.

Second row, left to right, Mary Windle; lived at the Tower Cottages, had two sisters, Margaret and Dorothy, (my Grandma's cousins), Tessa Fairclough; lived at Canal Cottage, Riley Green, had two sisters. Others on photo not known.

Teacher is Miss Atkinson.

Photo supplied courtesy of Neil Entwistle, who attended Hoghton School from 1961, his mother is Ivy Johnson on this photo.

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