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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Class of 1958

1958 (click photo to enlarge)

Many thanks to Philip White (Headmaster's son) for supplying this photo from his distant abode. After collaboration with family members, all but three names are missing!  Please write if you can identify them.
Starting with back row :  Mr White, Headmaster, -  Unknown - Maurice Throup - John Smalley - David Throup - John Farnworth.
Middle Row - David Clark - Brian Bentham - Bill Wilmer - John Birchall - Barry Sproson.
Front Row - x Throup? - Janet Cressey - Ann Graham - Barbara Veevers - x Throup? - Carol Wallbank.
In Front, Joyce Brennand.
Mr White became Headmaster of the school in 1956 following the retirement of Christopher Burns.


  1. I have been trying to contact Barry Sproson.I have lost contact with him this last few years or so .He was my best man at my wedding over 40 years ago
    I know he has lived in Australia for many years .The last time I saw him he came over to photograph the wedding of Diana and Charles.
    He was a press photographer on the Evening Telegraph.
    David Marsden

  2. On the back row the boy next to Mr White is Richard Lord who lived at the Straits and later found work at Saxone shoe shop. He had a younger sister, Mary. The missing person on the middle row is Brian Bentham who lived in Hoghton Valley. The two unidentified girls on the front row, I am pretty sure, are Throup sisters. The one on the right could be Hazel. The Throup family lived at Bell Villas, Hoghton and my memory of them are Mona, Pauline, Hazel, David and Maurice. I think there was also an Ann. Will investigate further.
    John Farnworth

  3. After a rethink, the girls on the front row are Wilkinson sisters, Hilda and Ann and not Throups.
    John Farnworth