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Monday, 30 January 2012

Hoghton Church - the early years

As G C Miller tells us in "A Brief History of Holy Trinity Parish Church" there was apparently no church in Hoghton Parish before 1823.  Services were probably held in the Banqueting Hall or the private family chapel at Hoghton manor house (thought to have been in Hoghton Bottoms) and later at Hoghton Tower.   These services would have been for the Hoghton family, together with their dependants and household attendants.  Others would have had to use churchs in Brindle, Walton-le-Dale or Samlesbury.  He also tells us that a small congregation of Protestants held services in the Great Hall of Hoghton Tower until 1795.  

The drawing shows the original building, apparently now part of the south transept.  Built in local red sandstone and Early English, Gothic style, rather plain, with four turrets, one at each corner. The original name was the Chapel of Hoghton in the Parish of Leyland, and founded in 1823. Hoghton was created an ecclesiastical parish in 1842.  

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